Southern Limits

Ulva Island


Southern Limit’s guides are bird and flora enthusiasts, and will ensure that you have the best possible experience of Ulva Island.

Most visitors to Stewart Island make Ulva an important part of their time here. Ulva Island is internationally renowned for its unspoilt beauty and for its vital function as a predator free offshore island sanctuary for many of New Zealand’s rare and endangered birds.

Ulva Island is a birdwatcher’s paradise. On your arrival a symphony of songs will greet you - the melodious tunes of bellbirds and tūī are punctuated by raucous calls of the kākā and the chattering kākāriki.

Ulva Island is your opportunity to see primeval New Zealand rainforests. Mature rimu, miro, tōtara, rātā, kāmahi and other majestic forest trees provide the upper-story canopy to shade and shelter the ferns and mosses of the forest floor, and the lancewoods, tree ferns and small trees and shrubs of the under-story.

Birdlife abounds and depending on the time of year and the availability of seasonal food, tūī, bellbirds, robins, weka, kākā, kākāriki, pigeons, fantails, brown creepers, grey warblers and tomtits may be readily seen.

Saddlebacks, riflemen, yellowheads and other rare birds re-introduced since 2000 are always a delight to see.

Our experienced guides will help you meet your birdwatching checklist, as well as interpret the rainforest ecosystem and outline the human history of the island.

Departure times

  • 8.30 am departure - 12 pm return
  • 1.15 pm departure - 4.30 return

Please be ready fifteen mins before hand.

We will be leaving from Golden Bay Wharf. Additional departure times & other walks are available.

Prices $120 per adult (inclusive of water taxi & conservation guide fees)

Children under the age of 12 years 50% discount.

All trips are weather dependent.