Southern Limits

School Groups

Because we believe that conservation starts with education we are jumping up & down to be able to offer a School Education Package. Whether it be primary or Intermediate school, Stewart Island is the perfect place for your class or year groups outdoor education experience.


We are happy to offer assistance in planning a worthwhile educational experience for your students, as well as being able to provide practical services while you are here.


Stewart Island offers an ideal setting to experience “NATURAL” New Zealand and the various historical and conservation issues which have arisen here. To ensure that your students gain the most from their time on the island, we can help plan half–day or whole-day experiences to meet the needs of the science and social science curriculum, at the level appropriate for the students. We are also happy to be able offer advice on accommodation, transport and other matters.


We can advise you on how to request valuable assistance from education providers at the Stewart Island Department of Conservation, and to then complement their services with additional activities so as to meet your educational and recreational needs.


For example: we are happy to help provide integrated activities involving transport to and from Ulva Island, as well as sea fishing while others of the party are undertaking the Island study with DOC providers (if available), all within the one day so as to best use your time and finances.


Likewise we can help you plan recreational activities while here on the Island. Blue Cod fishing, rock hopping, bush walks and rare-bird spotting are just some of the activities that will ensure that students and parents helpers have a memorable Stewart Island experience. We are aware that many schools have previously used charter boats for fishing excursions, and that these operators have ceased operation in the past year, but we are please to announce that the fishing boat FRANCES II is now available for school party fishing charters.


So big ups for this package ... drop us a line


Please note that many of the activities may require your party to be split into 2 or more groups so that, for example, half the class may be fishing and half studying Ulva Island in the morning, then in the afternoon the groups swap over. How and if this happens will depend on group size.