Southern Limits

Pelagic Bird Charters


Brett has been fishing the waters of Stewart Island for over 20 years and has a keen appreciation of the ocean and the bird-life it supports: he knows well where and when the birds will be present because he shares their environment on a daily basis. His experience will ensure that your time is used productively and that your birdwatching needs are met.

Various species of albatross (especially white capped, Salvins and Bullers),penguins (little blues, yellow-eyed, and Fiordland crested), cormorants (pied, little, Stewart Island, spotted), shearwaters, gulls and petrels are regularly seen and we know where to go to see terns, brown skua and others.

Trips are designed to suit the birdwatcher’s needs so please make sure you let us know what species of bird are of most interest to you, so that we can achieve the results you desire. Of course all sea excursions are whether dependant.

Of particular interest to many is the opportunity we offer to visit a special area, to see the rare New Zealand dotterel in its natural habitat.

A Pelagic & Forest Bird Package is offered. If this choice is selected you will be able to combine open-sea pelagic bird viewing with either a guided or freedom walk on Ulva Island. This may suit if you have a limited time available on Stewart Island.


Trip Information

  • Half Days- Max pax 10 $700
  • Full Day- Max pax 10 $1200
  • Smaller groups can be catered for.


All charters, trips & guiding leave from Stewart Island. We will let you know the wharf we will use.
All charters offer Fair Trade Underground Espresso & Tea, along with home baking just like your Mama makes.
We are friendly & approachable for all the family.
Smaller groups can be catered for.
Nature guiding available on request, we are DOC concessionaires.