Southern Limits

Bay Excursions

Southern Limits offers you our Out and About Bay Excursion, or alternatively guided walks tailor-made to suit your needs.

What more could one ask for than to experience the Bay area with our knowledgeable and informative guides. Whether you are interested in birds or beaches, the trees or the landscape, memories or photographs, we know where to go to secure the best opportunities for you to experience Stewart Island at its best.

We can help you take opportunities to view local birds and other wildlife, beautiful unspoiled native bush, golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, majestic kelp forests and of course the famous glowing skies of Rakiura - either the breathtaking sunrises or the extended glow of sunsets.

Our Out and About in the Bay Excursions visit all the significant places around the village and surrounding beaches, but Harrold Bay, Ackers Point, Ringaringa Point and Beach, Valoe Voe, Ryans Creek and Fern Gully may be visited, depending on your wishes and the time available. A definite highlight for us, and will no doubt be for you, is the unmilled splendor of Lady Baker Reserve.